Security Program



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Multi-disc Safety Brake

Apply multi-disc safety brake. Even?if one brake is in failure, elevator can also stop reliably and safely.

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Safety Gear

The speed governor coordinates the safety gear?to ensure the elevator’ s safe stop if the elevator’ s speed is?over the standard speed limit.

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Speed Governor

When the elevator’ s speed is over the?standard speed limit, the speed governor will cuts off the?elevator’ s safety circuit to make sure that the elevator stops?operating.

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Light Curtain Safety Protection Device

The infrared receiver?with rays is applied to form an infrared protection network?outside the elevator door, which enhances the reliability of?the?whole elevator system as well as?provides passengers with maximum security assurance.

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Lock Sealing Protection

When the elevator is being overhauled or short circuit happens due to other reasons, the?control system will start protection procedure to stop the?elevator from operating so as to ensure passengers’ security.

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Clamping Resistance Safety System

When the elevator door is?closing, the door motor control system will test the torque?automatically. If the torque is over 150N, the door will open?in the reverse direction to prevent passengers from being?clamped.

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Short Circuit Technology Of The Traction Machine

If the elevator brake fails, the elevator would stop reliably and safely?thanks to the three-phase winding of the short circuit traction machine.

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Hydrdraulic buffer is adopted to ensure passengers’ safety by absorbing the elevator’s abnormal impact energy to the maximum degree.

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Unintended Car Movement Protection System

When unitended movement happens within the lock area when?elevator stops at a certain floor. Lincoln unintended car?movement protection system works. Detector in shaft sends?signals to brake of control system and brake stops elevator?safely. Thus passengers can go in or out safely.

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Over Speed Protection While Lifting

When the elevator is?going up at a speed that is over 1.2 times faster than its?nominal speed, this device will automatically slow down or stop the elevator.

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